#2 (PART TWO) Essentials from India | India-> Marriage-> USA

Welcome back, girl! This is the second part of the series on “India-> Marriage-> USA”, so if you’ve missed the first part, I would say go back and have a look. 🙂

So, after coming to the USA, I realized that there were so many things that I should have brought from India itself. Though, today you will get almost everything here whether it is Indian or not. There are a number of options to choose from. But, the only point is that they will be much costlier than what we get in India. I say the prices are not even worthy of comparison. 🙂

When it was my time to head to the United States, I went for some kitchenware shopping with my family. I was wondering that I won’t get a pressure cooker, Tawa (to cook chapatis), mortar & pestle, rolling pin and rolling board (to make chapatis) and some other essentials of the Indian kitchen. But, I was completely wrong. When we reached here, we went to New Jersey (it is a hub of all the Indian things – groceries to apparel – anything and everything). I went into a shop and they had all the kitchenware. I was amazed! You will even get the specific idli maker, appam stand which you would not expect to find here. So, it’s good if you already know this before you head up to this place so that if you’re exceeding your luggage weight limit, you know that you can afford to remove a few things because you can easily get those here. For me, it was a horrible situation. My luggage was loaded with all sorts of Indian attire (sarees, suits, accessories), adding on to that I had a number of utensils (and they were quite heavy). We had to pay a good amount for that excess weight, and also had to balance the weight between our luggage items. So, please also make sure you check the weight limits of your luggage. To be on the safer side, be as low as possible from the weight limit, you know why? Because during those last moments, your family might give you some “extras” to keep, out of their love, to which you can’t say NO. 🙂

Now, starting with very little things – accessories. Do not forget to bring those “small bindis” for special occasions. You know it, without this your Indian get-up looks incomplete. So yes, I got many packets of these from India, and again you can get them here too. But, I mostly prefer very little bindis to wear on any day (not those fancy glittering ones), and I had a hard time finding those here. Even if I did, they were black and you know that married women are not supposed to wear black. (that’s what my family believes in so it’s okay to listen to what keeps them happy, right?)

Talking about accessories, I got a few of them like those cute “jhumka” types that go really well with suits. But, I missed how I could shop for them so frequently in India and that too at cheap prices. 🙁 So, I made sure the next time I visit India, I’m going to get bunches of them. 🙂 Though you will get them here as well (in few stores) but then again they are way too costly, plus it’s not so easy to get a lot of variety of those earrings you would want to buy. So, better carry them to be on safe side, else you will miss them badly as I did. 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, my luggage was flooding with Indian attire of all sorts, of which most of the part was occupied by those heavy sarees. I realize now, that was a mistake (on my personal experience). I did a blunder by keeping less number of suits and more sarees (I still wonder why in the world I did that?), anyhow that was a mistake because I get to wear saree very occasionally (which is very rare like on some festival like Diwali, Shivaratri, so maybe say at most three times an year). Whereas, some of the weekends I like to wear suits, and there I yell at me “I don’t have enough suits!!!!” 🙁 Oh and yes, again you can find many options to buy a suit from hundreds of stores in New Jersey, but lord save me, they are hell costly. What I could get in India for Rs. 500, it was like $50 here, and even more (almost like more than Rs. 3000). So, definitely not worth buying. But, of course, if you have some urgency and you really want to take it, so there are multiple options to choose from. 🙂

So, this is it, girls! I hope this was helpful for you. And if you think you have questions or concerns that I haven’t addressed here, please mention in comments. I will surely try answering them for you. Come back soon!

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