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Fall seven times, stand up eight…

You know you’ve failed many times since you’ve started attempting on things. You’ve failed when you attempted to first start walking, you’ve failed to meet your expectations to get those good grades at school, you’ve failed to get your dream job. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Each one of us have gone through that, some might have faced it a lot more than others, but the truth is that we all have been there! But you know what the amazing thing is- the fact that you have attempted. And what could be more amazing than this is that you keep going to achieve it.

This is based off a similar situation that I’ve been through in the past couple of months. If you don’t already know, I had a good job back in India. Marriage got me here in the United States. I never wanted see myself just sitting at home and doing nothing but household chores. I struggled to get a job, I literally tried so hard but most of the times I faced rejection. This deeply devastated my self confidence and tore apart the self motivation I had. Nevertheless, with my husband’s motivational speeches every day I decided to start afresh every single day and told myself that it’s okay to wait and consoled myself that may be the longer it takes the better job I’ll get. To much of my surprise, today I finally stepped into a job which I didn’t even dream of (I now realize I had set my levels low :)). And now when I look back at those days, I so much thank my husband to getting me past through them and not letting my self-confidence die inside of me. I understand that these motivational speeches don’t usually work when we’re actually struggling, but sometimes they can be life changing if you allow yourself to assimilate even a fraction of them.

But, before you decide on keep going on that goal, it’s important to be realistic. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you’re not capable of achieving what you want to. All I am saying is to always remember that if you are going to be honest with yourself, you’ll never have a harder time getting it to yourself. Like, I know myself. I am not those “super-intelligent” types who studied from the highly prestigious National Level institutes. The time I was going to write my entrance test for that, I knew that I’m not going to get through it (Haha!) and it’s totally fine. C’mon it is okay to be mediocre. But, the one thing I always knew about me is that I am hard working. In whatever institute I studied, I gave my best and got the best grades. I only had to get a platform and I already had it. So, those out there who feel like they’re not up to that level, it is totally fine. It’s important to do a self-assessment and know your true worth. Even if you’re not good at one thing, you might be far better in some other things than anyone else.

Stay involved… Yes, that’s also one of the lessons that I learnt during my struggle. Not getting a job didn’t mean I had nothing to do at home (in addition to the daily chores 🙂 ). I started to learn new things in cooking, focused on my driving lessons, invested into fitness activities (frankly, now they’re again at halt but trying to resume soon 🙂 ), and most importantly I started this Blog, yippieee!! 🙂

So, stay motivated, stay involved, never ever give up, and keep that smile always on folks! 🙂

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