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“Give me tea or give me tea, there is no other option.” Well, yes that’s me. 🙂

Many of us are addicted to tea, isn’t it? I am sure you can very much relate to this. For me, tea is life. I so dearly love it that I can stay a day without food only if I have tea. Since when did our affair start? 🙂 Hmm, like during high school, I started taking it little by little and unknowingly got addicted. Since then, it has helped me stay awake days and nights studying for my exams, work till late for office, it has stayed by me whenever I felt low, it has taken care of me when I had headaches, it has managed to cure just everything from random mood swings to severe headaches. Sometimes I seriously wonder “Do I ever need a medicine if I have tea?” 🙂 


Oh and wait a minute, how did I not tell you about my love for Starbucks. 🙂 When I am out and I need tea, who comes to rescue? 🙂 Yes, that’s Starbucks. “Starbucks” for me means just “Chai tea latte”, it’s like I don’t even care to look over what else they’ve got to offer. So yes a perfect day for me outside, is never complete without Starbucks. Thank you Starbucks. 🙂


With all this love for tea I decided to do some research and found that tea is the world’s most widely consumed beverage after water, and is often consumed in different varieties like Black, white, green, oolong, and pure. It has healing effects on our mind and the body, some of which are – it boosts brain health, helps in relieving stress, lowers the risk of age related memory decline, and lowers the risk of depression; it also heals the body by reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, acts as anti-aging, protects against developing certain cancers, boosts bone density, and much more. Though, it has also been argued that when taken in excess the high amount of caffein can be bad for your heart and brain. Of course, that is a universal truth that anything in excess is never good. (Still, in my case I give tea the liberty to be exceptional here) 🙂  

It is so amusing and hard to believe that I can relate almost anything and everything with tea. 🙂 Like If I have to decide if a person is good or not, it’s again tea. If you offer me tea, you are the best, and if you don’t, it is still fine I can manage, but if you stop me from having tea, you better stop talking to me. 🙂 Simple criteria, isn’t it? I don’t take it too seriously though. It’s fine I can make my own tea. 🙂

Sometimes we see these advertisements about cigarette smoking and how tobacco is so dangerous to consume and that it can be hazardous for health. I used to think why in the world would anyone enjoy smoking? Does it even have a taste? May be, I don’t know never tried it 🙂 But, have smelled that smoke, it is so irritating and made me feel suffocated. I never realized the pain of those who had to quit that habit. One day I tried relating it to me and realized I am too an addict- a tea addict. “Oh my god, I felt like so awkward.” All my life I have opposed this addictive nature towards bad habits and I see myself in that position. Weird, isn’t it? Still I used to convince myself that it’s fine tea is totally different, and I can still have it. But friends, how much ever I love tea, the fact cannot be denied that it is indeed harmful if taken in excess. I have been trying to reduce my intake and have been a bit successful too 🙂 Just felt a bit awkward to be labelled as an “addict”. The only thing is that you should never allow yourself to be totally dependent on something. Just this thought made me control myself.


If this makes you feel like it’s you, then you better gooo and grab a cup of hot tea right now, after all you should never ever keep tea waiting. 🙂 But, remember to limit it though.

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