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Eat like you love yourself

There are hundreds and thousands of articles on the internet making their way to you every single day about staying healthy, losing weight, do this not that, eat this not that. Give yourself a break, just pause everything right at this very moment. Recall that definition we studied about in school on what health is? Yes right, it is not just your physical well being (or outer appearance) but it is the total well being of an individual which includes physical, and mental health (Inner peace) as well. We all know that to maintain physical health we should all do some sort of exercise on a regular basis. But, sometimes unknowingly we cut off more than what we do by not eating the correct food, at the correct time, the correct way. Each one of us has a different body type and accordingly different needs, the food proportions may vary for each one of us but the healthy eating habits stay the same. 🙂 Here are a few of them that you might want to have a look upon. I am sure you will relate to each one of these –

1. Food is the Fuel – Consider your body to be like some machinery. Now, in order for that machinery to work you usually pour in oil at some intervals of time for it’s smooth and efficient working. So, is our body friends. Never forget to fuel it up. Those of you who ever try some dieting or skipping meals, it might show you some “False” good results initially but believe me you will gain those pounds back added up with some more. However, do not “over fuel” 🙂 Just give your body the right amount that it needs. Yes, I can totally get it how difficult it is, but you have to control your taste buds. 🙂


2. Prime is the time – Some people often complain that in spite of the exercises and healthy eating they don’t see much of the expected results. Ever wondered why ? Now, I know the reason. Timing plays a very vital role in all of this “Healthy eating” thing. I hear people saying that they usually don’t get time or they don’t prefer to do a breakfast or just have something randomly. I mean c’mon it is your body, have some respect, give it something good that it deserves. 🙂 After that long fasting night you still want to keep it derived of it’s fuel. Why why why do you want to punish it? If by any chance you’ve forgotten, let me remind you that it is the only thing that truly belongs to you, the only single thing!!!! Start pampering it before it starts punishing you. Relax! You still have time. Start it today itself. 🙂


3. Balanced diet is the best – Okay so there are a zillion of those diet plans out there that we just find on the internet and without digging into any details we sometimes start following any one of them as per the results they claim to deliver. But, hold on and trace back again to your high school Science textbooks. I seem to remember the definition of a balanced diet. Do you? It said, we must have the correct proportion of each nutrient in our diet which mainly included the carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. “But, hello I am on a zero carb diet”, you might say. 🙂 Yes, I have been one of those fools too. But, you know what EVERYTHING IN JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT IS IS IS IMPORTANT. Again, you might get the results you want, but in the long run your body will function based on what it has been fed it’s whole life. If you take out any of these nutrients from your diet completely, you might want to prepare yourself for any sickness as you grow old. Cutting down carbs is a good thing to do, but eliminating them is something you should not be doing.


4. Avoid Junk, don’t stop – Surprised, isn’t it? Yes, I can repeat myself one more time here, I just said “Avoid junk, do not stop it completely.” Junk is all that processed food which has high amounts of all those things you want to keep yourself away from. Yet, knowing the reality almost all of us on earth feel this craving of junk at some point at least, ever wondered why? It’s just like when you tell a child to stop doing something, the more he will enjoy doing that. 🙂 True, right? So this repeated notion to avoid junk is the main reason behind this deep craving. So one day I set myself free. “Okay fine, eat whatever you want to”, I said to myself. 🙂 But, inside I knew that I shouldn’t. And finally I didn’t. Because when my mind knows that I have put no restriction to it, it feels that freedom and that craving stops by itself. But again, sometimes I really want to cheat and have junk. It is completely okay if it is not done on a regular basis. 🙂 When I eat junk, I tell my body that I am helping it making immune to all the bad stuff that might get into it. Lol! And my brain is like “Okay fine, stop fooling me, I rule you! 🙂


5. Listen to your body – I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to your body. I have been in the habit of doing that and trust me it feels great. Your body has different ways of telling you what it needs, like you might notice symptoms because of some vitamin or mineral deficiency, or some disease, or it could be just the demand for food. We often don’t listen or tend to ignore our body signals when we are having our favorite food, and we let our taste buds overpower our brain. 🙂 I love doing that sometimes, though later I have to repent. My brain then says “See I warned you, to stop stop stop eating, but you ignored me, now better pay for it.” 🙂 Have you ever wondered, it would be so great if we all could communicate with our bodies just this way. If you start treating your body like something you really care about, and give it the attention and respect it deserves, then believe me it will always serve you the best way it can. 🙂


So, remember to embrace and love your body as it is the most amazing gift you will ever own. 🙂

P.S – Healthy eating alone will not lead to significant weight loss, but however it plays the most vital role and ensures an overall good health. In order to shed those extra pounds, you have to team it up with some form of physical exercise too. 🙂


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