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Zero – The game changer

Zero is a number which quantifies as a count or as an amount of null size. In the number system, everything is relative to zero i.e, either positive (growing) or negative (shrinking). Our life is certainly the same way. We all have that one “zero” in common and that is the time of our birth. At that very moment our life is just like a zero, at it’s very naive stage denoting the beginning of something. But, as we grow up this zero enters our lives indefinite times, sometimes in the form of a loss, or in those times when we lose hope in everything and give up, or when we feel helpless and drowned. It is then when we must realize that it is completely okay to not feel good sometimes, it is completely okay to give up, and it is completely okay to drown, but what’s not okay is not trying again. What we have to remember is, a zero will never stay forever if we put a little effort to mend it. Even a small amount of our effort makes a difference, just like the mathematics allows it (0+0.000000….1=not zero). Amazing, isn’t it ?  🙂 So is life.

However, it is of utmost importance to realize what we do to not let that zero stay forever. Is it a “0+0.000001” or a “00.000001” ? The outcome of doing each of these is the same i.e, wiping off the existence of zero but what also matters here is the direction. Likewise, after facing a zero-phase in your life, if you try to rise by taking any shortcuts or by doing wrong in order to succeed, it will certainly lead you to achieve what is not zero but in a negative direction which at some point in life will again bring you back to zero, and then perhaps it will be even more difficult for you to pass through all those negatives that you grew in your life by your own wish.


There is an idea of a zero-energy universe which suggests that, all one needs is just a tiny bit of energy to get the whole thing started. The universe itself did not appear from nowhere. It required just that little bit of energy to start, which upon accumulation resulted into what exists today. See the impact of that little effort and that transition into such a vastness. Have a belief, that your attempts will never go in vain. Even if you fail at times, you are learning each passing moment which consequently pushes you to success. After all, “making mistakes is a proof that you are trying.”



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