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God, Am I audible ?

We get to hear a wide variety of arguments for and against the existence of God. But, I wonder how many of us know what “God” really is, before questioning about it’s very existence. Some say, there is nothing like God. While some strongly believe that right beyond the skies there is someone who is in charge of everything in the entire universe, and that whatever he does, he does it right. While some oscillate between the two 🙂 , like I have seen some people, when something good happens to them they won’t stop thanking God and as soon as something bad happens to them, either they start yelling at God and start questioning on its existence, or just conclude that God is just not there. Nonetheless, it really does not matter what we believe in. The point is if something exists it will. I don’t see the air but it exists, I don’t see the spirits around me but I know they are there, I don’t see the super little bugs out there but they are there too, and the list goes on. We cannot judge the existence of something just by merely seeing it.


Since the dawn of human civilization, as different religions evolved throughout the world, God has been known by different names and in some cases he is depicted in form of some image. The thing that amuses me here is how strongly some people believe that there are these different Gods out there. Imagine, a person dies and makes his way towards the skies and at the entrance he is asked, “Hey, please tell us your religion so that you may proceed towards your God.” What I have been taught and learnt since my childhood is that all religions are equal, though each has a different way of connecting to that super power which sees us all equally. If I see a church, or a temple, or a mosque, or a Gurdwara when I am on my way to somewhere I close my eyes and bow down. It makes no difference to me to which form of the super power I am connecting to. I understand that just like you set a goal to achieve in life and work towards it, similarly people need a belief in their life which they can follow because this is what brings them mental peace.

So, there might be different forms that we try to find God in, but out there it is just one and only one super power that has created, has been preserving, and is in charge of destroying what is present today. Some people say, it is all science and the laws due to which everything has evolved. Yes it is definitely true that everything in this universe has science behind it, but just like a creature is not born out of nowhere, so is this universe. As a mother is to her child, so are all of us to that one super power.

However, sometimes even the firm believers in God tend to lose all the hopes and feel helpless when a chain of bad events take place in their lives. I believe, this is somewhat human nature and can happen with anyone. I can recall at some point of time in my life I have too felt the same way, but very soon I realized that perhaps he never does anything wrong, and even if it seems to be the worst thing to me at that moment it surely has something good for me in store in future. It is difficult to believe on this but trust me, I have personally gone through this. Each one of us might have different experiences on this, but I would just share one of mine where I couldn’t be more thankful to God – the incident took place two years back, when I was living with my parents back in India. Suddenly, one fine night my father started to feel breathlessness, and his lips started to darken. Me and my mother got so scared and nervous, we immediately called for help. When my father was taken to a nearby hospital, he was taken into emergency and given immediate Oxygen. We were then advised to rush him into another hospital, and we were told that we might not have a lot of time, so we had to hurry. This line from the doctors gave me and my mother something no lesser than an electric shock thinking of what might happen. But, anyhow with God’s grace we made it on time to the hospital and he was given proper treatment. He suffered from two consecutive heart attacks for which he later had angioplasty done. My father came out of that hole we never want our loved ones to go into. That was one of the things for which even today I thank God. An atheist out there might say, “Oh, God didn’t do anything. He was given the correct treatment on time, and that’s it!” Yeah, right. But, as I said there is someone controlling everything that happens. It was no less than a miracle for me. I am sure some of you might have experienced some miracles too for which reasoning is impossible. 🙂

Please feel free to share any such miracles that might have happened with you. 🙂

Disclaimer -This blog does not intend to hurt any sentiments relating to any religion. It is just a general perception of the super power that has been discussed here.


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