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Dream – Gateway to other World!

Dreaming! Yet another thing that happens with each one of us. Whether it is a dream that we have seen with our eyes wide open or with our eyes shut, the only difference is that the latter ones could sometimes be petrifying or baffling.
Dreaming while sleeping has always been a topic in research, and there have been indefinite number of theories attached with the reason behind dreaming and what is it that really happens while we dream. According to one of the theory, dreaming has been centered around the notion of repressed longing- the idea that dreaming allows us to sort through unresolved, repressed wishes. While one of the prominent neurobiological theory states that dreams don’t actually mean anything, they are merely electrical brain impulses that pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories.

I can still recall one of my most terrifying dream- I saw myself sleeping and that some force is strongly controlling me almost making me feel paralyzed. I was unable to move even by an inch. I saw myself fighting and struggling through that force using all of my energy to get up and when I could finally wake up, it was so horrifying that next time even the thought of sleeping made me feel sick. After some research, I found that this situation is called “Sleep paralysis”. I also read somewhere, that while we sleep we are almost in a “dead state” with all our senses shut down, disconnected from outside world and entering altogether into a different world each time we dream.
Some specific kinds of dreams have been associated with some possible reasonings, like if you dream about falling– it means that it is a way of alerting you to a situation in your life where you feel out of control; dream about chasing– it indicates that you are avoiding something in life, so you better stop running and face the situation; dream about tooth falling out– it represents survival challenges and instincts, which means that there is something that is eroding your confidence and you must not let it go; dream about getting lost– it means that you are searching for something which denotes anxiety; dream about spiders– it is associated with manipulation, you are either being manipulated or you are manipulating someone and need to stop; dream about death– it indicates the symbolic ending of something.
I remember, whenever I used to have series of bad dreams, my mother used to tell me to close my eyes and chant mantras (Hymns), or think of good things that happened with me that day, or imagine about some place where I wished to be, or anything which makes me feel good. It did help me a lot, and I learnt that perhaps it all depends in what direction I train my brain to go into. That is the reason why our elders have always told us to pray to God before we go to sleep and thank him for everything that we have. It’s not that God becomes happy because of us thanking him, it is just a way of creating positivity inside and around ourselves. The aura that we create really does matter, for us and for every one around us.
Through my personal experience, I have learnt that the more you keep your brain away from working (like not doing anything productive) forces it to knit unnecessary thoughts- which by nature are mostly negative, prepare to appear in your dreams the next time you sleep. Though, it is good to keep your brain relaxed, but only at intervals and not all the times 🙂 . I had a few days like that but fortunately I realized it soon, and started utilizing my time, by doing activities I love and also get engaged in physical exercise. We don’t really realize how vital it is for our mental well being as well. I remember, when I started hitting the gym, I had extremely relaxing sleep without any dreams- good or bad.
I hope you liked this article. Please feel free to share any of your experiences here. 🙂
And never stop dreaming! 🙂


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