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Life is ?

I sometimes wonder that we have a bunch of people out there giving lectures on what life really is, what it’s purpose and true meaning are, and surprisingly we blindly follow on what others say it to be. But, the fact is as everything in this universe is relative, so is life for each one of us. For some, life means “not being dead”, for some it’s an opportunity to do and achieve something, while some can only fight and struggle for their survival, and the remaining ones are those who are living happily for themselves (Eat, work, sleep, enjoy). However, majority of the people in these categories are still never satisfied. And we often say, even I do sometimes, “Oh, If I just had that one thing, that would be all, I would be so happy and I won’t ask for anything else from life.” But, yes we tend to repeat this line time and again.Ā  :p

What I have realized is, each one of us has a different perception, thinking, circumstances on which we see how life is. Everyone has a different meaning of life. We have to realize that we can’t gain anything just by regretting on things we did or we did not. It goes like either I have to or I don’t or may be it’s not meant to be for me. Like say, if a fish starts to think to climb up a tree or fly like a bird and repents on the fact that it cannot and that it’s good for nothing, that would be just meaningless. Similarly, I think sometimes the reason behind us getting sad or regret something is that may be the goal we have set for ourselves is just not right. It’s not that we cannot do hard work and get it, but in some cases, it is just not meant for you. This is nature, and accepting this fact just makes life easier rather than complicating it unnecessarily.

If we go years and years back in time, we’ve heard stories from our elders that life used to be so so simple. I remember my grandpa telling me stories about when he was in the army and how he used to stay for months away from family as he was posted in different places for official reasons, and there used to be no communication with family as there were rarely any telephone connections back then. The only way they could communicate was through telegrams, that too could reach in days. And in leisure, kids would go out to play outdoor games, families used to be joint where all cooked and ate together. Oh, but today even a new born kid has to face the phone camera the minute he is born.Ā  :p “Hey kid it’s selfie time, I have to post it on Facebook”. Well, true story, each one us is addicted, isn’t it ? But, seriously I have started to realize that though it’s nearly impossible to totally cut yourself out from this technology trap today, but it is certainly possible to minimize it to a level that is affordable. Like, in my free time instead of browsing through Facebook or Instagram (which I always did šŸ™‚ ) I would rather read a book, or anything else that actually interests me.


I remember once I was asking my mom something, to which she said “Why don’t you google it? Oh wait, I will help you.” I was like “really?”Ā  :p She so much trusts it, she will find anything and everything there. We all have gone through the phase, when we have our parents asking “Hey, how do I login to my email, how to do this or that on internet?” šŸ™‚ It’s also true that sometimes we got crazy and said “Why can’t you understand such a simple thing?” I did that once, and the next moment I realized that when I didn’t know how to read, write or even walk properly they never said that to me, though I know how simple it is, but it wasn’t then. That’s the essence of time, it makes sure that it teaches everyone everything that one is supposed to learn in LIFE!!!

Live life one day at a time, because it issss beautiful ! šŸ™‚



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